Chris Weed


I'm a Senior Software Developer who is always looking to push technology to the next level. I have brought new technologies and methodologies around Single Page Applications to Liberty Mutual Insurance that have been delivered in enterprise level production applications.

I've recently found my calling building tools and coaching developers in the new world of Single Page Applications.


As my customers have discovered, I never give up on a project. I also strive to minimize any type of waste when developing an application for a customer. People have come to realize that I "just do it" as I tend to dive into a challenge and ask for forgiveness later.

I pride myself in being a multi-faceted developer with skills in UX/UI design, graphic design, process improvement and end-to-end application development. I provide a one stop, full service delivery for any business need.

"Move Fast, Make Mistakes" and "Just Do It" are what I live by.


I have a saying "the extra 10%", whether or not it's actually 10%. Really this means that when I'm passionate about an application I live and breathe that project. I spend nights and weekends tinkering on web applications that challenge me, and sometimes that project is work related.

For a project to earn my extra 10% it needs to have low overhead, move quickly, and provide value. Does your project qualify?


I have presented at several technology forums for Liberty Mutual Insurance. Most recently I created 4 separate tutorials for different Single Page Application technologies and presented them at a Commercial Insurance conference.

I'm more than willing to help developers and customers with any challenge, with an objective to teach instead of tell.


I have over 4 years of solid JavaScript and client side development experience. I have become one of the top JavaScript developers in the Liberty Mutual organization, coaching and driving new technologies every day.

Digital Workspace

August 2014 - Present

A web application to bring notifications and todo type information to all of 40,000 Liberty Mutual employees.

Technologies: AngularJS, LESS, NodeJS, Bootstrap

Hackathon Voting

September 2014

A voting application for the Liberty Mutual hackathon. Used across the globe by upper management with live results.

Technologies: AngularJS, LESS, NodeJS, Bootstrap

LM Careers

Early 2014

A responsive web application for the public facing Liberty Mutual careers website.

A rewrite of the SharePoint application in a responsive and static format.

Technologies: Bootstrap, DocPad

Group Benefits

Late 2013

A responsive web application to help customers across large corporations manage their insurance policies.

Technologies: KnockoutJS, Bootstrap

Risk Management

Early 2013

A mobile web application built to help customers manage their risks and view insurance claims.

Technologies: Sencha Touch


Besides my passion for web development, I bring my "build it" mentality to every project I dive into. Outside the digital universe, I spend my time with my family and home improvements.

Some of the projects I've tackled include remodeling an entire basement, building a home theater (with a homemade projector), and creating a pirate ship playground for my kids.

In a world of build vs buy, I find myself on the build side almost too often.


Feel free to contact me via